Top Records Made in World Snooker Championship History

Here are the Best Records in World Snooker Championship History So far made by Exceptional Players like Ronnie, Davis, Fisher, Who played Maximum 147 Break or the Highest Multiple Breaks, Who Won Most Titles in World Snooker Championships.   Snooker these days is most popular sports in many English speaking countries and commonwealth countries. The snooker sport is also popular in China too. This sport is not getting more attention like the other sport like tennis and golf. It is also not yet included in the Olympics. I am sharing some world snooker championship records which are making by different peoples in world championship.

Most Titles Winning Players of World Snooker Championship:

Joe Davis who won the 15 titles of world snooker championship in the year 1927 to 40 and last one in 1946.

Two time Amateur championship winners Gary Owen (1963, 1966), Paul Mifsud (1985, 1986) and Ray Edmonds (1972, 1974).

Seven time women world championship won by Allison Fisher in the year 1985-1986, 1988-89, 1991, 1993-1994.

The youngest players in which Micheal White won the Amateur Snooker Championship at the age of 14 year in 1991.

Another brilliant player Stephen Hendry at the age of 21 became the Young World Championship in 1990

Women Amateur Championship in 1984 won by Stacey Hillyard at the age of 15.

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Maximum Breaks Records in World Snooker Championship

In the history of Snooker the player E.J.Murt O’Donoghue make the first maximum break of 147 at Griffiths.

In 1955 another maximum break make by the Joe Davis against Willie Smith in London, Square Hill.

This achievement was done in the major tournament made by John Spencer in 1979.

At the age of 14 year judd trump score the maximum break against Chris Piech in 2004.

Ronnie O’Sullivan ( The Rocket ) made his first maximum break in 1991 at the age of 15 year in English Amateur Championship in Aldershot, Hants.

Cliff thorburn made two maximum breaks in the tournments, one make in 1983 and second one in 1989.

Leo Levit was the first amateur player who make the 147 break in 1948 in Canada.

Gary Hill became the youngest player to achieve the WPBSA recognized competion after making the maximum break at age of 20 year

In the exhibition in Ireland, Jimmy made the maximum break in consecutive frames.

Peter Ebdon made the maximum break in two frames against the Steve Davis in 2003.

These are the top 10 World snooker players records in the history of the snooker.

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