Players and their Ranking in World Snooker Championship

In the snooker, players maintain their ranking and try to be on the top by winning many Ranking Tournaments. Snooker is very entertainment sport which is played almost in every country. Players in World Snooker Championship 2017 who participate in that event have to make the strategy and play the shots with great skill presence to win the matches. Some people are very enthusiastic to know about the latest world snooker scores and the titles won by the players so we are sharing about the Top World Snooker Players in the history of all time.
Ronnie O’Sullivan:

player in snooker
Ronnie O’Sullivan who holds the title of World Champion five times with the five UK Championship title and six German Master Titles. He is Known as “Rocket”. The most successful player of all time known.
Three World Record holder Ronnie O’Sullivan make his fastest maximum break , most centuries breaks and won the German Master title at the age of 19 the youngest player.
Check out the latest Snooker schedule of World Snooker Championship which is started for the 15 April to 1 May.
Stephen Hendry:

Stephen Snooker Top Player
Greatest Snooker Player of all time Stephen Hendry who became the youngest player to won the world championship at the age of 2. Stephen holds the top ranking for consecutive eight years. Stephen win seven world snooker championship title including the five UK Championship and the six German Master titles.
Steve Davis:

Steve best snooker player
Steve wins six world titles in his career. He is known as best and finest player in the 80’s. He is know commentating on snooker on BBC. He announced his retirement on April 2016. One of the most famous match of Steve Davis in the world snooker championship 1985 against the Dennis Taylor. Dennis won the match and the title by putting the final black ball in the final frame of the tournament.
Alex Higgins:

Alex legend of Snooker
Alex won two world titles, one UK Championship and Two German Master title which completes the snooker’s Triple crown and make the place in the ten players who won this title.
He passes Away at the age of 61 in the year of 2010. The wild style of playing make him famous.
Jimmy White:

Jimmy snooker player
Jimmy White who won the UK Championship and the German Master title in his career. Jimmy never won the title of Champions of Champions( World snooker Championship)

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