Matches Highlights of World Snooker Championship 2017

Are you looking for the World Snooker Championship Highlights ? if yes then you are on the right place. The World Tournament which is played in the Crucible, Sheffield every year in the month of April. In this year the Championship is started from 15th April to 1 May between the top players of the snooker. The Qualifying matches starts from 5th April to 12th April from which 16 players are qualified and enter in the main tournament of the snooker. We are sharing the highlights of the past five year final matches among the players like Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, Barry Hawkins etc.

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Highlights of the Final Matches of the Past five Years:

In the Year 2016:

The World Snooker Championship 2016 which is played between the Mark Selby and the player from china Ding Junhui. Ding Beat the Alan McManus in the semi-finals with the points (17-11) and Mark defeated the Marco Fu the Hong Kong players with the points (17-15).When the match started the Mark take the lead in the frames which built pressure to the Ding. Ding fail to pot the balls in many frames.

In the final frame of the match the Mark Selby decided to break with the safety play. The score of the Selby is 17 and Ding Junhui Score is 14 and Selby need one more frame to win the championship. Mark finish the last frame with the break of 74 points and became the World Champion second time.

In the Year 2015:

The Tournament of 2015 is played between the Stuart Bingham and Shaun Murphy. The final between these two players is very tough fight for the trophy of 2015. The best of 35 frames in which the Sturat Bingham leading with the score of 17 and the Shaun Murphy score is 15. The Break of the final break with the safety shot played by the Stuart. This frame is very important for the Stuart Bingham to became the World Champion of 2015. The mistake of the Murphy give chance to Stuart Bingham to win the World Title by breaking the eighty eight score with the points (15-18).

In the year 2014:

Top Players of the Snooker Ronnio O’Sullivan and Mark Selby, the finals of Snooker finals Played between these two players. In the match the score is going 17 points Mark Selby and 14 points Ronnio O’Sullivan. In the final frame the Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing good with the break of 56 and then he misses the ball and Mark take full advantage of this and beat the Ronnie O’Sullivan and became the World Champion of 2014 and became the World No 1 Player.

In the year 2013:

The finals is played between the Ronnie O’Sullivan and Barry Hawkins in the 2013. Both players playing very well in the match. Ronnie O’Sullivan taking the lead with the points 17 and Barry Hawkins with the points 12. In the final frame of the finals Barry careless short on the red ball and then Ronnie O’Sullivan just finish the finals with the break of 86 points and win the World Snooker Championship 2013.

In the year 2012:
The final match of World Snooker Championship is between the Ali Carter and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Both the Players are playing well and Ronnie taking the lead in the frames. In the frame when the score is going (17-11). In the first visit to the table Ronnie make the break of 21.

Ronnie O’Sullivan finish the final frame with the 61 break and became the World Champion for the third time.

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